With so much going on every single day and no breaks allowed, sometimes you have to sit down on a rainy day and book a holiday - and that's exactly what me and my friend did yesterday. Being a workaholic I’ll more than likely work poolside in my bikini and Ray-Ban Sunglasses, but a change of scenery is exactly what I need (sorry, London...) So - in 3 weeks’ time expect to be envious of my instagrams while I wind down in the wonderful Canary Islands. #sorrynotsorry And taking of which, I have a new teatox to try! Before we get started, I just wanted to point out that I’m not looking to lose weight and I do not whatsoever believe

Distinguishing Between Teething Fever and Other Illnesses

There is a lot of debate about whether a teething fever is real. And to parents going through the teething phase with their babies, it certainly may seem so. The reality is, when babies have a fever, for whatever reason, it can send parents into a panic. And for good reason, fevers can be scary. But a fever is just the body's way of trying to heal. Teeth pushing their way through sensitive gum tissue could certainly warrant a healing fever. But, there are many other reasons babies can have a raised temperature. The tricky part is listening to their communication without them describing what is going on. Causes of Fever in Babies Fevers are generally a sign that the child’s immune

The dangers of being a pushy parent

As a parent of a sporty child, do you know where the line is between supportive and pushy? Parents are understandably always seeking what’s best for their child, be it in an educational, social or sporting capacity. However, it is sometimes the case in the sporting world, that parents can overstep the mark in desiring success for their children. But what impact do pushy parents have on their children? Parents enjoy being a part of their child’s life but when does this involvement become too much in terms of sports training? Kids play sport initially to have fun, expand their social skills, learn and keep fit. When a parent pushes too far, the child can experience stress, activity avoidance, low mood

Empowering Your Child’s Imagination With Play

The imagination of a child is really amazing.  When we sit back and actually listen to what they say, the words that come out of their mouth really make is stop and think.  One of the best ways to encourage our children to learn and to explore is to encourage imaginative play.  One way that we can do this is through a diy fort kit. What is a fort? A fort is a physical playset that can be used to create a virtual environment for our children.  This environment can be a castle on top of a mountain surrounded by a moat or guarded by a fire breathing dragon.  When our children play with these forts they are engaged in creating stories

A guide to physical activity for your kids

When you think of ‘getting fit’, most people will picture a gym or at least some exercise equipment, but the most important thing to remember is just to move more. Be more active. That includes lots of things that children love to do anyway, such as throwing a ball or a frisbee, going for a walk, playing football, or playing in the park.  If you all join in together it can make it much more fun and maybe dress the kids up for the occasion with their own Junior Football Kits from services such as The sooner someone gets into good habits regarding their health, the better it will be for their long term physical shape. A stronger heart The heart responds

Advice to study and learn Chemistry

Learning chemistry involves assimilating many new concepts and also developing new skills. Here are some suggestions for you to succeed in the study of chemistry: 1. DO NOT GO BACK!  In chemistry the new themes are based on the themes already presented. If you fall behind in reading, in the resolution of exercises, in homework, it will be more difficult for you to understand the new topics. Studying chemistry one day before the writing or exam is an inefficient way to learn the subject. You can get help from chemistry tuition to learn it easily. 2. CONCENTRATE ON YOUR STUDY The amount of information you will receive in the chemistry class may seem enormous. It is very important that you learn to recognize the concepts and skills that are of special importance. Pay attention to those things

How to organize a corporate team building?

The team building is a solution to strengthen team cohesion. Team building activities are solicited each year by many companies. Team building is for different employees to participate in team games workshops organized by an event agency. The purpose of these cultural, artistic or sports activity is to foster the ability of employees to work better together. Team building, cohesion and team motivation Improving team cohesion within a company is essential for high productivity performance. Goodwill, the desire to work and collaborate together is recognized as one of the key factors in the success of a business. The organization of a team building tends to train and develop the team spirit within a company. The objective of a corporate team building organized by an event agency is to have its employees play

How to help prevent your child becoming overweight

If you’ve noticed your child is gaining weight, it can be a worry but there are many things you can do to help them maintain a healthy weight. Children who become very overweight have a higher risk of growing up to be overweight in adulthood and also contracting chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, some cancers and heart disease. Studies have shown that children of a healthy weight are more likely to be fitter, better learners, have increased self-confidence and are healthier. As a parent, the key is getting them more active and promoting healthier food choices.   Here are some ways you can help: Try to act as a good role model Encourage an hour, or more if possible, of vigorous physical activity every

How to Teach Kids to be Creative

While creativity is something that can be natural among kids, it can also be taught. It is a skill that can be instilled, which is possible by following the tips that will be briefly mentioned in this post. The important thing is to do these things while they are still young, but do not force it into them, especially if you are seeing that they are not loving it. Get Them Into DIY Crafts For instance, if they need to look for gifts for Mom, while it is good to shop at online stores like Shutterfly, teach them how to make the gift on their own. This does not have to be too complicated. Even a small card with a drawing will

Co-Parenting & Custody Help

Co-Parenting & Custody Help From Household Members:There's often at all times another person within the household who has handled the struggles of co-parenting after separation or divorce. Perhaps it is a Sister, your Mom, an Aunt, or Uncle, however likelihood is this individual cares very a lot about you and about your youngsters as effectively.You'll really feel consolation in sharing with somebody you already know and belief, somebody who loves you unconditionally as household ought to. Chances are high they've additionally discovered a factor or two coping with their very own custody points, and have a lot to supply in the best way of co-parenting and custody recommendation. You should definitely look to your loved ones for assist throughout these