Empowering Your Child’s Imagination With Play

The imagination of a child is really amazing.  When we sit back and actually listen to what they say, the words that come out of their mouth really make is stop and think.  One of the best ways to encourage our children to learn and to explore is to encourage imaginative play.  One way that we can do this is through a diy fort kit.

What is a fort?

A fort is a physical playset that can be used to create a virtual environment for our children.  This environment can be a castle on top of a mountain surrounded by a moat or guarded by a fire breathing dragon.  When our children play with these forts they are engaged in creating stories and visiting fun and imaginative worlds they create.

Where can we use these forts?

Forts can go anywhere we have room.  On a nice sunny day the kids can be outside running and playing with their forts.  On rainy days instead of sitting in front of a computer, watching television or sitting around bored, your kids can be using their imagination and creating fun and adventurous worlds.

Are forts safe?

Yes, all the DIY fort kits are safe.  They are built for children to play with and as such have not sharp corners, are made of a sturdy material and will withstand your child’s punishment.  When it comes to safety, forts are top on the list.

How old are the kids who can play with the forts?

Forts are for kids of all ages who have great imaginations.  However, older children six years and older can really enjoy the forts experience.  These children are tall enough and are able to really create fun and exciting adventures with their forts.

Are forts educational?

Yes, they are great for learning a wide range of skills.  Some of the skills your child can learn are STEM skills, critical thinking, spatial intelligence and many more!  You child can also work on story creation as well as writing skills.  When creating their own stories and universe they are working on telling stories

What adventures can your child have with the forts?

The sky is the limit.  After putting the forts together, your child will be able to create as many adventures as they can imagine.  One day they can be a knight in shinny armor in search of a captured princess in the top of a tower guarded by a dragon.  The next day they can be a king ruling over a kingdom of farriers or cute little creatures.

Creating a world of their own children really explore their own creativity.  When your children are playing with the forts ask them questions, play with them and really take in what they are saying and how they are doing it.  This way you will be able to help guide your children through play.  With this guidance fun can be educational and education can be fun.  A lifelong lesson we can all enjoy.