How to organize a corporate team building?

The team building is a solution to strengthen team cohesion. Team building activities are solicited each year by many companies. Team building is for different employees to participate in team games workshops organized by an event agency. The purpose of these cultural, artistic or sports activity is to foster the ability of employees to work better together.

Team building, cohesion and team motivation

Improving team cohesion within a company is essential for high productivity performance. Goodwill, the desire to work and collaborate together is recognized as one of the key factors in the success of a business. The organization of a team building tends to train and develop the team spirit within a company.

The objective of a corporate team building organized by an event agency is to have its employees play together to reinforce their team cohesion. There is a very wide choice of team building activities, we are talking about fun-sports activities.

In order to multiply the activities, the event companies responsible for organizing a corporate team building have many fun and exciting activities such as treasure hunting, cooking classes, improvisation sessions, musical activities, orientation courses, sports, quizzes etc. The key words are: team spirit, commitment, loyalty, caring, and to top it all: TEAM COHESION. There is no winner, no loser, the idea is that employees do activities together.

How to succeed a good team building?

The proposals for team building activities are not lacking like Bungee jumping, tree climbing, rafting down a river, cooking etc. As friendly as they are, they will really help solve problems within a team.

There is recreational team building, and strategic team building. The second option should be led by trained individuals such as occupational psychologists, coaches or specialized trainers. A person who runs a creative workshop will not have the same skills as the one who organizes a team building.

Most companies looking for a team building project in Provence come without a clear idea. The recreational or strategic notion does not speak to them. Most businesses choose recreational, and few have real goals to achieve. Be it after a conflict, for communication problems, or to set up a new team.

For a good team building, it is necessary to analyze the needs according to the desires and the problems of the company. If the approach is strategic, it is a coach who will take care of the project. Otherwise, it will be rather a facilitator. It is also important that all employees can participate. The goal must be identifiable, observable and achievable. The relational qualities that employees will have to use must be the same as those they develop in the workplace.