How to Teach Kids to be Creative

While creativity is something that can be natural among kids, it can also be taught. It is a skill that can be instilled, which is possible by following the tips that will be briefly mentioned in this post. The important thing is to do these things while they are still young, but do not force it into them, especially if you are seeing that they are not loving it.

Get Them Into DIY Crafts

For instance, if they need to look for gifts for Mom, while it is good to shop at online stores like Shutterfly, teach them how to make the gift on their own. This does not have to be too complicated. Even a small card with a drawing will be more than enough. Consider their age to make it easy to determine which DIY crafts will be appropriate for them.

Get Dirty

To spark creativity in children, let them be dirty. Do not make them too sheltered as this will limit their perspectives. Allow them to go out and play in the garden, even when it is raining. Let them play and be happy. This will give them a free mind, which is one of the essentials of being a creative person.

Find Inspiration

Parents who are not naturally creative can find it difficult to instill a sense of creativity in their children. With this, it is best to look for inspiration. Online is the best way to go. There are tons of videos that are available with basic arts and crafts that can be done by adults and kids, including the most basic.

Decorate their Room Together

Rather than hiring a pro or decorating their bedroom on your own, you can have them involved in the task. Allow them to paint it on their own. Ask them to choose the color that they want. You can also let them doodle on the wall and make this a permanent art feature of their room. Ask them to look for personalized décor to include in their room, such as those that you will find at Shutterfly.

Enroll them in an Art Class

If they are old enough, you can also have them enrolled in an art class, especially during summers or vacations from school. This will make them more productive in their free time while also learning how to be creative. Look around the neighborhood and find an art school where your little ones can be enrolled.

Back Off

To raise a creative child, one article from The New York Times has an interesting suggestion – back off! You should give them the freedom to do the things that they want while still making sure that they are supervised. They won’t be creative if they are limited to doing the things that you are imposing. Limit the rules that are present to raise a more creative child.

Start them young! Take note of the things that have been mentioned above to foster creativity among children!