Why a handwritten card is still important in a fast-paced world

There are several ways to demonstrate how much we appreciate someone for helping us or doing us a favor whether big or small. Some people think that words are enough so they say “Thank you” from the bottom of their heart. But there are also people who are generous enough to send token of appreciation via a gift or even by simply sending a handwritten note or card.

To physically demonstrate your gratitude via something personalized puts you in a very positive light, and one of the best ways to do this is by sending a personalized handwritten card or letter. For others, it might just be a piece of specially crafted paper but the gesture will surely mean a lot to make the receiver feel valued and loved. Sending something handwritten is just a simple way to recognize someone’s presence in our life, but it is something that could last a lifetime.

In this era of too much digitalization, you may be wondering what is the essence of sending a handwritten letter or card when you can always use more popular ways like email or instant messaging apps that are faster and definitely more convenient to use? Also, why spend effort when it is so easy to compose messages via apps as some of them already have templates ready and free to anyone who wants to use them?
Obsolete, old school, passe as it may seem – but a handwritten card or letter has a personal touch that can uplift the spirit of the receiver especially those who often neglects the world outside of the internet. Compared to email and other types of instant messaging, sending messages written by the hand is a more thoughtful and genuine way to show gratefulness and care to anyone.

A handwritten message is better than digitally made ones because it creates a better and stronger connection between the giver and the receiver. There is authenticity in every handwritten card or letter. When you put time and effort on something, that means more value, that means what you want to express is worthy to be treasured.

This age of technology where everything seems to happen so fast, caused people to rarely send handwritten messages in showing appreciation to someone. This fast-paced world made people too occupied that they opted to just send digital messages readily made for everyone’s consumption, even though they have no sense of personal touch.

Good thing that nowadays, there is already an innovative way to conveniently send handwritten card online. No, the product is not digitally printed. The cards are absolutely written by the hand through the power of patented robotic machines. These robots have an unmatched handwriting quality and scalability to make personalized handwritten letters or cards. This service allows you to even customize cards online using your own handwriting and even signature. You can do everything online and they can even send your message via mail to wherever destination in the world.

When it comes to personal connections, technology is still making a way for us to get connected with people especially to those who really matter. Let us make an everlasting human connection via handwritten cards and letters as they are treasures that can’t be replaced by any kind of digital ways of messaging.